Will you touch the mountains, or nature? Or,both of these? Then you have to visit Birishiri, where the hills wheeze against the sky. Here, rivers streams with eternal symphony. This unbelievable landscape is available to you all the year round.

Birishiri is located at Susong Durgapur Union of Netrokona district near at Bangladesh –India border. The hearts of Birishiri is Someshwari river. The main attractions to the visitors are-

  • Shomeshwari River
  • Kongsha River
  • China Clay Lake
  • China Matir Pahar
  • Bijoypur Border
  • Ranikhong Church
  • Cultural Academy (Palace of Maharaja Susang)
  • Hajong Mata Roshimoni Monument
  • Dasha Busha Mondir
  • Orange Forest
  • Gajarie Forest
  • Temple of Ramkrisna and Loknath Baba
  • Tribal area of Hazong people and Garo village

Shomeshwari River:

Shomeshwari River is  located at Netrokona district. It is one of the most beautiful rivers of Bangladesh. In your Birishiri tour, First of all, you have to cross this river. It’s so charming during the rainy monsoon as well as winter season.

Someshwari rivers

This river is originated from the Garo hill, entering Bangladesh through Bijoypur,Netrokona. Shomeshwari river water is so low that in winter season,visitors can cross this river by walking. To catch the maximum beauty of this river, you have to go here in rainy season.

Kongsha River:

Shomeshwari river has another parts,called Kongsha river until divided from Shurma river. Kongsha river is also a beautiful river for journey by boat. Like Shomeshwari, it’s originated from Garo hill.This river water is so fresh to swim. There is a bridge near this river. You will find two bazaar. One is Jaria bazaar and another one is Jhanjail bazaar. So, visitors can watch the panoramic beauty of Kongsha and Shomeshwari river.

kongshow river

China Clay Lake:

China Clay Lake,also called as blue water lake is situated at Kulagora Upazila of Durgapur,Netrokona District. People also call this as China matir lake,Limestone lake,Neel pukur etc. But the blue water of this lake attracts the visitors most. This is a small lake like pond.
The depth of this lake is about 60-80 feet. Actually, copper sulphet has make this lake water blue with some other chemical compounds. You will be more excited if you see the picturesque scenery of this river as well as the beautiful village. But sorry to say that there is no scope to swim here.

China Matir Pahar:

Besides China matir lake, you can explore the China matir Pahar(hill) near at lake area. You can enjoy the hiking experience by climbing here. The soil of this hill is so colorful. In the morning and afternoon, its beauty make an unromantic person to romantic.
chinamati pahar

Bijoypur Border:

Bijoypur border is located near at Bangladesh-India border of Durgapur Thana. Here, You can see the cloud, touch and play with them. Rainy monsoon is the best time to visit here. BGB camp is also located here.You can pass some times here. Orange hill is near at BGB camp. A boat trip is possible near at BGB camp. For that permission is must needed.If you get permission, then it will be wonderful opportunity.

bgb canp Bijoypur

Ranikhong Church:

Tribal peoples love to do missionary activities. You will find two ethnic group of people- Hajong and Garo. On the way to Bijoypur BGB camp, Ranikhong Church is located.It was build around 1910-1915. The church is situated over a small hillock.

ranikhong church

Cultural Academy (Palace of Maharaja Susang):

Susang Maharaja palace is located at Durgapur,Netrokona. It is on the way to China matir hill.


Cultural Academy, Birishiri

Hajong Mata Roshimoni Monument:

On the way to Bijoypur, You will find the monument. Hajong Roshimoni sacrifice his life for the country at Tonk Andolon. His struggle is remarkable for farmers of the country. Roshimoni fight against the ruler of Susang.


How to go there?

Birishiri is basically a off track road as it is placed at the Bangladesh India border. So, the transportation system is not so good. But bus service is available here. You can find many more direct bus from Mohakhali, Dhaka to visit Birishiri. At rainy monsoon,the bus will stop at Shusong Durgapur that is 2/3 miles away from Birishiri. From Durgapur you can visit different place near at here in Rickshaw or motorbike or auto rickshaw.

Main Route to Birishiri : Dhaka-Mymensingh-Shamgonj-Jaria-Jhanjail-Birishiri-Durgapur

Indeed, it is advised to know all the places from local peoples or Rickshaw puller.

Where to stay?

There are two ways to accommodate yourself. On way is to camp on the hills if you visit here in a group. Another way is to stay at YMCA rest house. You have to book it in advance. Also, You can stay at local hotels near Susong Durgapur town. That will cost for taka 200-300 per night.

Contact address:

1. Y M C A Rest House-Birishiri, Durgapur (01743306230)

2. Shorna Guest House- Birishiri, Durgapur (01712284698)

3. Susong Resident Hotel-Durgapur, Netrokona (01914791254)

4. Hotel Modina -Durgapur, Netrokona (01924181455)

Where to eat?

Local foods are available near at Durgapur. You can order foods at YMCA Guest house. Also,You can arrange a BBQ party at the front side of YMCA guest house.

Things to carry?

# Raincoat
# Extra 2 Set Cloth
# Water Bottle
#Monkey Cap
# Gloves
# Sun block
#Tissue/Toilet Paper
#Personal Emergency Medicine
#Torch+ Extra Battery
#Camera + Films + Battery + Mamore Card + Charger
#Multi plug, small size
#Winter Cloth ) (depends on seasonal variation
#Toothpaste + Tooth Brush+ Bath Soap + Shampoo
#Cup For Tea

Tips/ Safety concern:

Boats, Motorbikes and Rickshaws are only transport system. So, You have to walk a long way if the roads are broken and muddy. Collect as much as possible information to the place from local peoples. Also, Keep water with you. Meanwhile, Please do not make the lake water dirty as its our natural resource.

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