A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. I’m agree with Mr. Max Muller and very much excited to share my last tour news. I’ve visited Jessore, a border district of Bangladesh last week. Though it was a sudden tour but enjoyed most.

I’ve visited Godkhali flower garden which is located at Jhikargacha, Jessore. Besides this wonderful place, there are four nature attractions listed place in Jessore. Jhikargacha is a place of beauty and beauty of nature fully loaded with natural soil along with numerous flowers. Different kinds of roses, gerbera, marigold can be founded this beautiful land. Also there is a flower market at the center point of the total areas.

People of this beautiful area are kind enough and you can taste some delicious local food here. Topmost important thing is that you can’t find any other place whereas miles to miles are flower garden. You can’t imagine this panoramic beauty until visit here.

Godkhali Flower Garden
Godkhali Flower Garden

 How to go there:

You can travel from Dhaka to Jessore by bus or train or plane as you wish. FARE may vary but that is not an issue for flower and travel lovers. From Jessore to Gadhkhali, local Bus fare is 35-45 BDT per person. CNG can take 350-500 BDT depending on situations and season.

Where to Food?

There are many more good local hotels and restaurants to eat.

Where to Stay?

You can stay at Jessore City which is not too much distance from Gadhkhali.

Final verdict:

Godkhali is a place of real beauty that’s why tourist comes from abroad to see this mysterious beautiful flower garden. Nobody will say anything if you walk through the flower garden. So it’s a great opportunity for the flower lovers to smelt the fresh smell of flower.

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