Kuakata is one of the panoramic beauties of nature, located at the southernmost part of Bangladesh. Beauties beauty wonderful Kuakata sea beach is situated at Kalapara Thana under Patuakhali district. Locally, this mysterious sea beach is known as the daughter of the sea or, Sagar Kanna. Basically, it’s about 70 kilometers distance from Patuakhali Sadar. All the combination of beauties is habituated here such a way that is enough to make you excited. What will see you first? The Picturesque natural beauty of sea, or sandy beach, Blue sky, large expanse of water of the Bay of Bengal and eye catching forest are ready to welcome you!

Top most important points of Kuakata sea beach are Fatra Forest, Gangamati Reserved Forest, Lebur Char, Island of Red Crabs, Jhau Forest, Char of Kauwa, Kuakata Buddhist Temple, Dry Fish Palli & Market, Rakhaine Palli etc. Let’s have a look over these places to make your journey to fulfill.

1. Kuakata Sea Beach- Daughter of the Sea

Kuakata Sea beach one very much popular for many reason. But the notable reason is that the visitors can see the sun setting and sun rising from here that is not possible to any sea beach. Also there is a strong relation between the sea and sand. Sea goes far away from the sand at tide time. There is many more option to visit here and many things are waiting to welcome you. If once you visited here, you will come here again and again for rising view of the sun. Perhaps! It’s beauty started from the Bay of Bengal where huge expanse of blue sea could be founded.

2. Fatra Forest- Part of Sundarban

Fatra Char or Fatra Forest is the part of Sundarban. It has enriched the beauty of Kuakata Sea Beach. From Kuakata Sea beach, it’s about one hour boat journey. Monkey, Bagdas, Jackals could be founded here. Different types of birds are also waiting to surprise you. Fishermen of these areas are very much brave because they can easily avoid the waves of the Sea. Fatra Forest is also an eco-park that has been created by Bangladesh Government. Forest department boats are available to visit here. Many more travel agency offers through all the years to visit Fatra Forest.

fatra forest kuakata

3. Gangamati Reserved Forest-Sunrise point

Gangamati reserved forest is situated at Patuakhali region and the east part of Jhau forest. It is not more than one hour journey from Sundarban. Visitors may also visit here by hiring a motorbike from Kuakata Sea beach. Different types of isolated big trees, birds and sandy ice has made a panoramic beauty that does attract the visitors most. Winter is the perfect time to visit here. In this time, Sea remains quiet and claims. Visitors can play with waves at bathing time. It’s also the sunrise point which is most important parts of visiting here.

gangamati reserved forest

4.Lebur Char – Sunset Point

Lebur Char is the point where visitors can see the sunset. People come here again and again to sea this amazing beauty of nature. Here you can touch the sky with immense of romantic feelings. All sorts of sorrow want some space to skip if once visited here.

lebur cahr kuakata
5. Island of Red Crabs

You have visited Kuakata but haven’t see lal kakra or red crabs that couldn’t possible. So, you feel much better if you see these. Visitors will play with them and go back to your childhood after seeing this. Its look so amazing that time seems to very short. Within a few moments your minds will capture a full dish of joys.

island red crabs
6. Jhau Forest

Jhau forest is another forest of Kuakata Sea beach region. Jhaubon or, Jhau forest is very closest to the Sea. It’s also an initiative of Bangladesh Government. Visitors can visits here by walking. It’s surrounded by many more Jhau and coconut trees. You can also see the sun rise from here. This is wonderful picnic spot. As Gangamati Reserved forest is to the east so visitors can visits both Jhau forest and Gangamati Reserved forest at a time.

jhau forest kuakata

7. Char of Kauwa

Char of Kauwa is about 10 kilometers from Kuakata Sea beach. It’s another thrilling place for the visitors. Visitors can spend many wonderful times here. It will make them full fresh from any sort of bad feelings.

char kaua kuakata

8. Kuakata Buddhist Temple

Buddhist temple of Kuakata is four kilometers away from the Sea beach. Travelers may visit here by vehicles or walking. This is the biggest Buddhist state of south Asia. Visitors can see the state of Gautam Buddha. Hundred years old ancient tradition and cultural heritage of Rakhaine could be founded here. You will see the live style of Great ethnic people of Rakhaine tribe. You will be glad to know that Rakhaine peoples are very much friendly. Many Buddhist followers visit here at the time of Rash Purnima and Maghi Purnima. Rash mela is very much popular to the visitors as well as local people.

kuakata buddhist temple

9. Dry Fish Palli & Market

Dry Fish Palli is very much popular for dry fish. Also there is a big market where many homemade accessories are available. Generally, Visitors buy fish and some handy made accessories from here.

dry fish palli kuakata
10. Rakhaine Palli

Rakhaine Palli is the place of Rakhaine community. Visitors come here to buy some local collection of dress. Rakhaine peoples are very much cheerful. In the eighteen century, Arakanese people ,currently known as Rakhaine dug the area which is nothing but the word kua. From this word kua it has been named Kuakata. However, beautiful rural scenery still remains in Rakhaine Palli.

rakhaine pallin kuakata

How to go there?

There is few more option to go to Kuakata. Visitors may go to here by Bus. It will takes about 8-10 hours. Another option is journey by Launch and Bus. Visitors may go to Barisal or, Patuakhali by launch and rest of the path by bus. It will takes 12-13 hours. Perhaps! Second option is most enjoyable.

Where to Stay?

Many more hotels could be found here. Visitors can choose anyone according to their budget.

Where to eat?

Also food facilities are available here. Visitors can buy food from anywhere.

Safety Concern:

As Kuakata is an odd area. So visitors have to be more careful. If anyone wants visit the forest side then proper permission is necessary. Also, first aid is suggested for extra care.

Final Verdict:

Kuakata Sea beach is perfect place for refreshment. If you have enough time, then visit here you’re your friends and family. You can see the sun rise and sun set at a time!

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