Bangladesh is a small country situated in south-east Asia. Its area is small but geographically and naturally it is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. It’s a riveter country. Hundreds of rivers are scattered all around the country. There is a nice variation in land types of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has vast plain lands, huge low land covered with water in rainy season, beautiful hilly area, gorgeous forest and not the least the stunning longest sea beach of the world.Visit Most Attractive Place in Bangladesh.

But the beauty of this country doesn’t limited to those.It’s vast plain paddy fields, graceful rivers and river sides, the green villages, various types of trees-birds-animals, its flora and fauna, many historical land marks and above all the heartiness to accept guests always remind someone the enchanting beauty.

It’s a country of six season’s i.e.Winter (Dec-Jan), spring (Feb-Mar), summer (Apr-May), Monsoon (June-July), autumn (Aug-Sep) and Late Autumn (Oct-Nov). Every season has a different face and the nature decorate itself in a different look. Each of them is differently attractive. While visiting Bangladesh, someone will discover a different Bangladesh in each season by the grace of mesmeric nature.

The unbound natural beauty is seen in the largest mangrove forest in the world and the natural habitat of the Royal Bengal Tiger ‘
Sundarbans Forest’, the longest (120 km) unbroken natural sea beach of the world ‘Cox’s Bazar’, a small coral island with wonderful natural beauty in the sea Bay of Bengal -‘St. Martin’s Island’ the tribal life and scenic beauty of hilly area in Rangamati, Khagrachori, Bandarbans, the land of ‘Two leaves and bud’ with green tea gardens on hills and vast unexplored low lands under water i.e.‘Tangua Haor’ etc. in Sylhet, Moulovibazar, Sunamganj and Hobiganj, one of the most beautiful natural romantic sea-beach in the world from where both sunrise and sunset from the same spot is seen is the daughter of the sea ‘Kuakata’ and many more. In the rainy season the whole of Bangladesh turns into a natural wonder.

Except those, There are many historical land marks i.e. Sonargaon, the ancient capital of Bengal, ‘Mainamati’, the sign of ancient Buddhist civilization, a mid-15th century archeological and historical sign ‘Sixty Tomb Mosque’, ‘Mahasthangarh- Paharpur Buddhist Monastery’, ‘Kantajee’s Temple’ and so on.

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