Rangamati Tourist Spots: For a Perfect Holiday

What are the most attracting things of Rangamati Tourist Spot? Obviously, it is the outstanding lifestyle of the tribal people. You cannot ignore the natural beauty as well.

Rangamati, the hilly pleasure ground of natural beauty is full of hills, lakes, river, forest and tribes.

Do you know?

Rangamati is a district of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of the southeastern Bangladesh. The entire area is 6116 km where 4824 km land and the rest are in the water.

Without any surprise!

It is the largest district of Bangladesh. It has 10 sub-districts (Upazila) which are Sadar, Belaichhari, Baghaichari, Barkal, Juraichhari, Rajasthali, Kaptai, Langadu, Naniarchar, and Kaukhali. Baghaichari is the largest sub-district of Bangladesh. It has about six lakh of people with a density of 95/km.

Rangamati Tourist Spot – At a Glance


Important Information of Rangamati District

It is a litigating ground of two mighty kings from Arakan and Tripura. It came under the Mughal Empire in the year of 1566, In 1737, it became free from the Mughal. From 1760 – 61, it was under East India Company lease.

Tripura of India is at the north and Bandarban is to the south. The Mizoram of India and Chin of Myanmar is to the west. Lastly, Khagrachari and Chittagong is to the east.

This district is the predominantly Buddhist oriented land of about 53.83% of its population. It has the highest numbers of Pagodas of Bangladesh. Fourteen tribal communities reside in this district. This locality has a better rate of education of about 70%. With 10 colleges, there are 628 educational institutes are in this district.

The Rangamati Stadium is the only Bangladeshi ground where you can see the matches from standing on the road.

Rangamati Stadium

Rangamati was under sector one in the great Bangladeshi Liberation war 1971. In liberation war, the Bengali and tribes of Rangamati participate willingly. For the memory of their sacrifices, there is a symbol of Doel (Magpie robin) in the center of Rangamati Sadar.

From the Doel Chattar, you can go to the reserve bazaar. You will get the bus stand from where you may go to the Dhaka. The main medium of transport is water vehicle. You will get main launch terminal in the Reserve Bazaar. It is the place from where you can go any Upazila of Rangamati. You will get tourist boat from Reserve Bazaar. You will not find any rickshaw in Rangamati. Rather getting the rickshaw, you will find a lot of baby taxi.

Tragic Truth about Rangamati District

The hilly Rangamati District has a tragic and sacrifice history. Many of the tourists of Rangamati even do not know it. The Rangamati town is not the main Rangamati. It is a new city. The main Rangamati is under the water. After making the damp in the Kaptai River slowly, the Rangamati Town goes under the water with its house, shops, temples, and even the place of Chakma King.

How great the scarifies is!

For a large profit, the peoples of Rangamati sacrifices a lot. Kaptai Water Electricity Plant lights up many areas of Bangladesh.

Kaptai Water Electricity Plant

Best Rangamati Tourist Spot for Visitor

Rangamati has a rich history of mixed culture. It has rivers, lakes, canal, hill, forest, and sacrifice. However, this land is famous for site seeing.  About 1000 visitors come to Rangamati each day. Among these people, about 50 are from the foreign country. Rangamati has a collection of worth 12-15 lakh BDT each day from the tourists. The Rangamati tourist spot has an exploring opportunity to the investors and visitors.

1.    Tribal Cultural Museum

Before entering the city of Rangamati Sadar, you will find the museum at Vedvedi. About 14 tribes live in the three Hilly district of Bangladesh, who have about 10 unique languages. All the tribes have their own culture, custom, and behavior. If you want to know about them in details, this museum is the best place.

In 1978, the Government has established the Institute of Tribal Cultural Museum. From then, for over 20 years, the institute has collected upkeep and displayed various symbols of the tribes. The complete museum has launched in 2003.

Tribal Cultural Museum

You can find it open from Monday to Friday. It is a must seeing place if you visit this district.

2. Rajbon Bihar

It is the main sightseeing place of Rangamati. There is Pagoda. You have to travel on the boat from the Rajbari Ghat. There are two other ways to come the Rajbon Bihar. In the beauty of nature, the Rajbon Bihar built within 31 acres of lands.

Do you want to see the heaven on earth!

Rajbon Bihar

You have to come in Rajbon Bihar on a boat. You will find a seven-storied white building in a small walk. It is the only haven of the earth made in the concept of seven havens.

Is not it awesome!

Actually, it is great to see the world from the haven when you are alive.

There is a cave in the Bihar. Once, the Bhante (Buddhist Monk) attended in-group meditation. Nowadays, it is not usable. In 1974, the great Monk Bono Bhante has established this Bihar.

At the entrance of the Bihar, you will find a lighthouse. People light a lamp and pray for their expectation.  There are four pagodas, monk thought center, Benghar, and hostel. In addition, there are a hospital, guesthouse, and a heaven.


In the main prayer place, there are hundreds of Buddha icons. This is the chief temple to the Buddhist of Bangladesh. Buddhist full moon, Probarona full moon and Rainy full moon get the huge gathering in this place.

However, the main festival is Kothin (Hard) Chibardan. During the festival, thousand of hilly tribes come and make clothes from cotton within 24 hours.

After watching, you must comment special!

You may see the monkey climbing on a tree or riding on deer. Even you have seen them walking on the road. In Rajbon Bihar, you will get a brand new experience. You can see the monkey swimming in the lake water.

3. House of Chakma King

In Bangladesh, the landlord system has demolished under the land acquisition act. You can come to the house from the Rajbon Bihar with spending five to ten taka only. However, you will find three-circle chief in the hill tracts of Bangladesh. You will find Chakma King, Mong King, and Bomang King.

house of chakma king

Can you realize!

Chakma King has established his kingdom in the early 1800 and continued until now. The rules have changed but the king collects taxes from the citizens. The amount is six BDT from each farmer. Bangladesh Government gives 5000 BDT honor to the circle chief. Chakma circle contains 144 villages from Rangamati and Bandarban.

This is not the main house of Chakma King. The main house is under water.

4. DC Bungalow (Rest house)

The DC Bungalow is at the zero point of the Rangamati District. Chittagong-Rangamati highway ends at this point. It is a government residence. After that, also people come here for sightseeing.

DC Bungalow (Rest house)

It has a long history and the oldest house of Rangamati. In 1868, after shifting the District Sadar British Government made this residence. In 1962, after making the Kaptai Damp, the old Rangamati goes under water. Only the DC Bungalow remains due to placed on the hilltop. If you come to visit this district, you must not forget to see this place.


5. Suvolong Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is in the Barkal Upazila. It is only fourteen kilometers away from Rangamati. From reserve bazaar, you have to hire a boat. You can also ride on a passenger launch to Suvolong bazaar. From there you can hire a boat. It will take 1-2 hours to come to Suvolong from Rangamati Sadar by boat.

Suvolong Waterfall

Right now, the Suvolong is a Rangamati tourist spot. You have to pay a small charge, which could be 5-20 BDT depending on nationality to enter the area. It has a new name of “Shilar Dak”. In Barkal, there are seven waterfalls including Suvolong. The water felt on the rock about 100 yards up from the ground.

In winter, you may see only a little water falling, which could be a bit disappointing. However, if you come in the rainy season, you must be amazed at its beauty.

If you come to Suvolong Bazaar, you should ride the Suvolong Hill, which is about 1800 feet high from the ground. You can ride about 700 feet on stairs. After that, you have to ride through the walkway. On the top of the hill, you will find a POLICE station and a T&T towel.


People can see the Karnafuli, Kachalong, Maini and Chengi Rivers from the hilltop a few decades ago.

You could be shocked knowing!

You may know people, animal and even land under water. Do you ever hear about river sink underwater? After making the Kaptai Damp, the entire area flooded with water. All the rivers of Rangamati sank under water to make the mighty Kaptai Lake.


6. Martyr of Birsrestho Lanes Nayak Munshi Abdur Raouf

You cannot imagine such an uncommon martyr. In Burighati of Naniarchar, you can see the Martyr of a Birsrestho of the Great Liberation War 1971. He scarifies his life on 20 April 1971 after a massive damage to the Pakistani Army. He has defeated two Army launch and a speedboat, which contain almost two platoon soldiers.

Martyr of Birsrestho Lanes Nayak Munshi Abdur Raouf

On 25 April 1996, with the help of his co-warriors, people identified his grave. Then with government support, people have made the monument.

From reserve bazaar, it will take 1.5 – 2 hours on the boat. During this tour, you may also see many sites.


7. Tourist Resorts

Peda Ting Ting, Chang Pang, and Tuktuk are the main resort of this area. You can have food and accommodation there. Among them, Peda Ting Ting is most famous. In this resort, there are a restaurant, cottage, food village, picnic spot and conference hall. In this resort, there are three cottages, which have a very cheap fair range from 1500 – 3000 but getting serial for hire is the tough task.


Chang Pang resort provides a variety of tribal cuisine at a cheap price. You can also hire a cottage easily. You may have the feeling of residing in a tribal house.

8. Symbol of Rangamati (Jhulanta Bridge)

For seeing the hanging bridge, you have to go to the Parjatan Complex of Rangamati. It resides at the end of Rangamati Sadar. Other than the bridge, you will find rest house, souvenir shop, food shop, boat riding, and seminar hall etc.

Jhulanta Bridge

In 1978, the marvelous Rangamati Parjatan Complex has started its journey. After reaching in the Complex, you can ride on the hanging bridge in a cheap price of 5-15 BDT.

In 1986, the government built this bridge, which is 335 feet long. Anyone who knows something about Bangladesh Tourism watched this bridge might be in the photo.

This Rangamati tourist spot has an area of 28.32 acres. You may find a deer park but no deer in that park. People say that during the British Period for attracting the tourist’s government released some deer in this place.

9. Furamon Pahar (Furamon Hill)

On the top of the Furamon Hill, you will find the international Furamon Meditation center. While going to the Manikchuri from Sadar, you will find the way to go to the Furamon Pahar. This hill is in the Furamon Hill Range.

Furamon Pahar

The height of Furamon is 1518 feet. You have to travel on local road transport (Chander Gari). After reaching near the hilltop, you have to travel another 300 feet through stair for seeing the International Meditation Center.

10. Pig Firm

The only Pig firm of Bangladesh is in the Manikchuri. In 1976, the government has started this firm expanding 21 lakh BDT. It has an area of 8 acres.


You can find many local and hybrid Pig Species here and can buy them with a small price. Pigs satisfy the animal protein requirement of 60% hilly people. It becomes a government project on 1983.

How can you go to Rangamati from Dhaka?

Many bus companies have their scheduled trip to Rangamati from Dhaka. You can find Hanif, Eagle, S Alam, Saudia etc from Dhaka. The companies have no AC bus service in this route. The fair is about 600 BDT/ Person. Every day you get Hanif Enterprise buses in the morning.

Things to Carry in Rangamati Tour


Final Verdict

If you want to enjoy boat-riding, hill tracking, traveling on zigzag hill range, Rangamati Tourist Spot is predominantly the best place. You can see multiple cultures reside mutually in a single fence.

Most importantly, you can plan a tour in a cheap price.

Hurry up!

Schedule your trip plan today and enjoy the lake and hilly beauty of the Rangamati Tourist Spot.


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