Ratargul Swamp Forest-Ruposhi Bangladesh: Beauties beauty,amazing Ratargul is one of the finest swamp forest in the world.Trees are standing here in a row to welcome you and birds are waiting to sing. Trees are habituated in such a way that it can survive even in water.

The beauty is that the deeper you go, the higher the density of trees will be founded.Here,Sunlight can not enter the inner side of the forest through the leaves to touch the water. You can not imagine before visited here how beautiful this is!  You seems to be- you are in Sundarban. But  the water is not as salty like Sundarban forest.

Local people called it Sundarban. Also it is called the Amazon of Bangladesh for its mysterious beauty though it’s original name is Ratargul.

ruposhi bangladesh

This mind blowing  forest is located at Guainghat upozila in Sylhet district. It’s about 26 kilometers away from Sylhet. This forest is in the area of Sylhet range-2 under the Sylhet forest department .It’s area is about 30,325 acres where the Ratargul forest is in 504 acres in the wetland.

ruposhi bangladesh

Ratargul is  a clean and fresh water forest located in the bank of Goain River. This river is linked with the Chengir Khal canal. But the flow of the river is boundless during the rainy season. In rainy monsoon, the whole wetland goes under water but in winter it almost dry up.In July-August,the forest is flooded in the water. This is the perfect time to explore it’s beauty by boat.


Mysterious swamp forest creates an image on water. The color of water is greenish at some places that captured the entire Ratargul forest. Reflection of the trees in the water is so beautiful.It seems to more charming if you brought an umbrella.Many more small green spiders jumped from the tree over the boat though those may be harmful but looking lovely. Anybody can pass few hours by wonderful boat.Your feeling could not stop then! Butterfly in stomach happens in that time.

ruposhi bangladesh

Here,Dreams come to true when you are boating with your friends or company. This will be added to your lifetime experience.You will hear  the sound of the water while boatman rowing the boat. The whole atmosphere is so different adventurous that visitors will come here again and again. After boating,you will found a tower from where one can see the top view of the forest. Also,many local fishes could be found here.



About  Twenty five water friendly species could be found from this natural forest. The notable plants are Hijal, Koroch, Kadam, Borun, Arjun, Jalibet,Mutta etc.Mutta the main materials of Shital pati’s comes from this forest. Many wonderful birds like Kingfisher(Machranga),Dove(Ghughu),Heron(Bok,Water fowl(Pankowri), Folk tailed Shirke (Finga),Teal (Balihash) attracts the visitors. monkey, Otter, Squirrel, Mechobagh etc are notable animal of this forest. Also,various types of reptile and snakes are also available here.

ruposhi bangladesh

In 1973, Bangladesh Forest Department declared this forest area as Sanctuary for wild life.

ruposhi bangladesh

How to go to Ratargul:

From Sylhet city, there is two option to enjoy the beauty of Ratargul. For safety concern, better to take permission from forest station for visiting here. They can help you to arrange a boat which is sage for seven or eight people though you can hire that personally.

First option is to Sylhet- Motorghat- Ratargul:

You have to hire a CNG auto rickshaw from Ambarkhana point of Sylhet city to Motorghat. The cost   approximately 500 to 800 taka. From there,you can hire a boat which can carry 7 or 8 persons .This time the cost will be likely 400 to 600 taka for the trip and take 1 or 2 hours to visit the whole forest. You have to return in the same way. This is the cost and time effective way.

Another option is to Sylhet- Goainghat- Ratargul:

You have to hire a CNG for riding from Ambarkhana point of Sylhet city to Goainghat Bazar. It’s cost will be 400 to 500 taka and takes 2 or 3 hours. Then hiring a Engine Nouka near the bazar. It will cost about 800-1200 taka and takes 1 or 2 hours to reach Ratargul. This way is costly and time consuming but if you have a plan to visit Jaflong, then it is the best way.

Safety Concerns:

If you can not swim then you have to use life jackets as it is a submerged area.During monsoon,dangerous species and poisonous snakes tend to seek refuge in the trees. So,You have to be aware to touch the trees,leaves or even water. Taking first aid is better precaution. water bottle, plastic packet or other things can be carried. You could not found any food in Goainghat area so you have to carry food if necessary. Its our responsibilities to keep Ratargul neat and clean so that our next generation does not think it was a story. We have to give them a chance to explore it.

Final Verdict:

Like all other travelers, I have seen more than I described or remember. So you are most welcome to visit Ratargul swamp forest with your friends and family. Till then,All the best.


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