What can attract you? Are you a nature lover? Do you want to gather some magnificent experience by traveling some historical places of a region? Would you like to see how indigenous people live on hill tracts with strong struggle? Do not you like to travel and observe historical places, archaeological sites, picnic spots, beautiful nature, hilarious and forest area including rubber garden and so on? You should! It’s time to go to the Sherpur district for your refreshment and having all of the above experience.

Sherpur Town

Sherpur is one of the most beautiful district of Mymenshing division of Bangladesh. The town is located on the bank of the Brahmaputra River. This town has a marvelous history. The town established in the seventeenth century. It was a regional administrative center during the Mughal period. Sherpur is a region off excellent natural beauty with three picnic spots, hilarious region, so many archaeological sites. It can be said that this region is an ideal place for traveling.

Sherpur at a glance

District name




Kongsha, Old Bharhamaputra, Vogai, Batai, Kangsha, Shomeshari, Moharashahi, Malijhi, Netai etc.
Agro ProductsPaddy, Jute, Sugarcane, Wheat, Peanuts, Rice, Oil Seeds, Corn, Potato, Pepper, Mango etc.
Ethnic peopleGaros, Koch, Hajong, Hodi, Daloo, Banai, Bormon
Picnic spotsModhutila Eco Park, Gazniabokash center


Brief History of Sherpur

There is a long history behind the naming of Sherpur district. We should know the past history a bit.
There are stories about GorJoripa, the capital of Hindu ruler of this area DolipShamonto. The name of this place was Dosh KahoniaBaju at the time of King Akbar.The past name of the river Brahmaputra was Lowhitto Shagor which flows from river Mrigiof the southern border of Sherpur municipality to Jamalpur Ghat. It was 8/9 miles wide.

The people of the both sides of the river had to use boats as transport. They had to pay 10 Kahon or Kori in a yearly deal with the leaseholders of the Kheyaghats. That is how this area got the name Doskahonia. At that time the businesses was done with Kories. Sherali Gazi, the last landlord of Gazi clan conquered the Doskahonia area and ruled it independently during the Nababi reign at Bangla. That’s how Doshkahonia was named Sherpur after Sher Ali Gazi.

Ethnic peoples in Sherpur and their life-style

Different ethnic groups of Bangladesh and their colorful lifestyles have significantly enriched the entire culture of Bangladesh.Thousands of ethnic people living in the valleys of Garo Hills of Sherpur district. Currently, some 50,000 ethnic people, comprising Garos, Koch, Hajong, Hodi, Daloo, Banai, Bormon and other tiny ethnic groups, have been living in the Garo hills, according to a 2010 study. Hajong, In terms of ethnicity, they are descendents of the Kachhari people of the Mongoloid race. Several hundred years ago they came to the region adjacent to the Garo hills and started living there. At one time they were accustomed to Jhum farming, but now they follow plough farming.

Hajong society is patriarchal. After the death of the father sons inherit his property. Hajongs have their own language, but do not have an alphabet. In their lifestyle, Hajong people maintain, to a large extent, their traditional ethos of simplicity, honesty, and hospitality. Dishonesty and deceit are rare in their society. A large part of the Garo community lives in Sherpur. Maximum of them follow Christianity as a religion. The Garo language belongs to the Bodo–Garo branch of the Tibeto-Burman language family. The Garos are one of the few remaining matrimonial societies in the world. The individuals take their clan titles from their mothers. Traditionally, the youngest daughter (nokmechik) inherits the property from her mother. Sons leave the parents’ house at puberty, and are trained in the village bachelor dormitory (nokpante). After getting married, the man lives in his wife’s house.

Ethnic people living in the hilarious region of Sherpur has to struggle all the time with tough environment and wild animal especially elephants coming from the boarder of India. They are very hardworking. They can struggle and exist in their region with facing a lot of difficulties.

Tourist Places in Sherpur District

Some thrilling and beautiful tourist places of Sherpur are Sribordi Sand Premise, Modhutila Eco Park, Shrine of Sher Ali Gazi (R), Baro Duari Mosque, Panihata Lake, Gone Hill, Sutanali Lake, Shrine of Shah Kamal (R), Natmondir, Ghagra Loskor Khan Mosque, Mai Shaheba Jame Mosque, Shrine of Jarip Shah (R), Annapurna Temple, Raghunath Temple etc.

Modhutila Eco Park

Modhutila Eco Park is at Nalitabari, Sherpur. It takes 30 minutes to reach there from Sherpur. This is a nice place with lots of species of trees and animals. Visitor can see there Meghlay, plants, animals, waterfall, lake etc. Modhutila Eco Park is still an unknown tourist place for maximum people of other districts. It has gorgeous natural beauty and pleasant environment for recreation. It is filled with nature’s boundless beauty. Main attraction of this place is its natural beauty and green environment. This Eco Park is undoubtedly a potential for the development of socioeconomic condition of surrounding people. If sustained management strategies are taken to implement, then it can play an important role in the development of this area.


There are all kinds of wild plants that grow on the sidelines of the bunophula. From one mountain to another mountain, on his way to meet the matching bushes deer, tiger, lion,Monkeys, various species of birds, sea crocodiles, frogs and very nice mermaid sculpture. Frequent wavy zigzag path toward a row of trees deep in the forest is gone. In the shade of the tall trees in the mountains can be eliminated, also noon and afternoon. There is a separate fee pedal boats on the lake with the sightseeing. Watch Tower is located high up in the mountains bordering the green and you’ll see the Garo hills.

Gazni Abakash

Gazni Abakash center situated in Jhenaigati upazila is a popular tourist and picnic spot. It is very close to Indian boarder. Lots of Trees, Beautiful lack and hill around the Gazni Abakash. When you will be on the way to Gazni from Sherpur, you will start seeing the enchanting view of the hills and green forest from jhinaigati thana. 3 km earlier to Gazni picnic spot there is a BGB check point where you need to do the registry process which will not take more than 5 minutes.



There is a pleasant view of the Garo Hills skyscraper ‘Tower Site view. Artificial lake for boating have been brought, pedal boats. The zoo is designed for children’s entertainment, children’s park, elephant sculpture ‘Mithila’ the mermaid ‘virgin’. The artificial waterfall has been created.Starting in the spring, at the end of the current winter season resorts in Gazni are expected to be filled at the picnic. This is the focus of the walk of the luxury travel resorts in Gazni. The six-room rest house in the Gazni resorts center rental of Tk 500 each room. Gazni is really a beautiful place and you are guaranteed to have a great pleasure.

Laskar Mosque

Laskar Mosque at Ghagra is still standing in an un-ruined condition. It is one of the sixteen Mughal mosques in Bangladesh. Though it is now under the Archaeology Department, village people still say their prayer in this mosque regularly.The mosque was built nearly two hundred years ago. The historic Ghagra Laskar mosque is a unique testimony of architecture.

The mosque is situated at Ghagra Laskar in Jhenaigati upazila of Sherpur district.It is 14 k.m away from Sherpur district sadar. On the door of the mosque inscribed in a plate it’s establishment date and it is 1228 hizri or 1808A.D. It’s structural system and architectural strategy is artful and very nice. The national museum and antiquities department enlisted the mosque as mughal architectural site ten years ago.

King of the hill and bablakona

A continuous stream of water flowing in the river cool. Next to the high altitudes of the mountains. The River Sbapnapuri the divine beauty. River and mountain in juxtapose added a new dimension to the beauty of the village. Green tree covered hills of the high and low sides of the river.Throughout the year, the river can be crossed on foot. Deep compassion and love of life made colorful tribes.

That is pretty much the Garo Hills Seeing may not believe it unless One felt watched. Hundreds of hectares of deserted land the plane at the top of the mountain. Scenic view of the mountains touch the sky. Here is one of the high-low hillock surrounded anyabadya village.Tribes of this village distinguished artistic, and religious churches, temples combination of natural patterns. Their life is a different section of the flow.

Taranipanihata hill

Along the Garo Hills area of Sherpur border, nature constantly draws beauty of panihata-tarani hill. Cloud-mountain hide-and-pull is an ideal scene of any nature-loving mind. And so hilly panihata-tarani The area could become an attractive tourist destination.


Panihata locally as a part of the mountain village of tarani. So visitors could develop the panihata-tarani composed of two attractive tourist destination.Here you can see the mountains in the north of India. Standing on one side of the river, green covered mountains feet. Crystal clear waters of the river below the ballast stones are stunning. Next to the Christian place of worship, a small medical center, schools and a small hostel for the students.

Pone Tin-ani Jomider Bari

The Pone Tin-ani was the landlord’s house. Imitation Greek architecture, the architecture is still intact Bears witness to the period of the landlords. Gopinath temple to construct houses in a prior period. At the entrance of many steps. Many of the ornamental pillars on both sides of the entrance. Paryasta carvings on the pillars witness of the beautiful design from top to bottom. The building makes it more interesting. Four sides of rectangular pillars and It has been used in the form of a square. Palestare overlay and use lime and surakira noticeable.


Garjaripa Baro Duari mosque

Garjaripa baro duari mosque was built by Muslim rulers. A ruler named Jarip Shah built the mosque approximately 700 0r 800 hundred years ago. It has now been re-built. The house with a brick-type tactics Khan mosque appeared to be very similar. The mosque is a combination of ancient tradition and modern style, which is designed to easily win the hearts of the audience. It is actually pretty amazing relics. As he doors of the mosque are exactly twelve so the mosque was named baro duari (twelve doors) mosque. Any thoughtful man would come around once in the region.


Ghagra Khan mosque

Ghagra khan mosque was built approximately 600 years ago. It has been said that the commander of one of the two brothers who has been defeated by the opposition took shelter in the forest, and this mosque was established. One peculiarity of the mosque square tile bricks. Greek domed mosque construction techniques are magnificent. The entrance is on the building and the identity of the rock inscriptions in Arabic That can be easily guessed at the time when the region was a skilled architect. The mosque is one of the unique patterns of ancient monuments. Seeing that will certainly be attracted, you will be seduced.


My Sahiba mosque

My shahiba mosque was built approximately 50 years ago. The mosque has been built to recreate the modern ideas. Using the curved arches and high Meena. This latter change is seen in the architecture of the mosque collar. This is the heart of the city of Sherpur Government College, located in the south-west side. Eid congregations were held here every year in front of the mosque. The beauty of the artistic construction of the mosque is beggar’s description. After entering the town of Sherpur, that somebody will be attracted by the mosque.


Sutanala tank

Nalitabari toaraiani, the streets leading to the market. Tempo, rickshaw or motorcycle are the means of communication. Orange queen’s historic lake or pond or birahinisutanala lake is in Nalitabari thana. Sasala, a Garo village of the thirteenth century which was ruled by King Christian madhya makura.


The lake was dug in his tenure. Moat-like lake was dug on 180 acres of land. There was a beautiful house on the land and where the little King Used to spend the night. Dingi boat ride around the patrolling troops. He was the last descendant of the king and his queen birahini. Many travelers come here to see the historical site.


How To Reach Sherpur District

From capital city Dhaka you can easily go to Sherpur by bus. If you want to make a train journey you have to cometo the Jamalpur district by train and from Jamalpur you will have to come Sherpur by CNG or by bus. From Jamalpur it is 30 minutes journey to sherpur. You can comeJamalpur by Tista intercity train, Jamuna, Brahmaputra, commuter express train from kamlapur railway station. You can come to Sherpur directly by bus with a four hours journey from Dhaka.

Name of trnsportFor booking ticketDeparture place
AC delux01716486467Dhaka (MOhakhali)
Chamber of commerce, Sherpur01716486467Dhaka (Gulistan)
Bangladesh muktijoddha foundation bus no 201724454357Dhaka (MOhakhali)
Sadika01712119181Dhaka (MOhakhali)
Bodhua01924866674Dhaka (MOhakhali)

Where to stay

Serial noName of hotelTelephone no
1Hotel sampad plaza (Residential)0931-61776
2Kakoli guest house (Residential)0931-61206
3Barnali guest house (Residential)0931-61575
4Arafat guest house (Residential)0931-61217
6Hotel Shahjahan01911411771

When to come

Acually, Winter season is best for you to come here and enjoy the beauty of Gazniabokash and Modhutila Eco park near the garo hill. December-January is the best time to travel here. Most of the travelers come to the picnic spots of Sherpur in winter season to get the unlimited pleasure of going close to the virgin beauty of nature.

Concluding remarks

What are you thinking! Of course,  you should come to Sherpur to gain all the beautiful experiences of going very close to the magnificent nature, seeing the struggling life-style of indigenous people, viewing historical and archaeological sites and so on.  Hopefully you people will come and take the pleasure of traveling such a nice locality.

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