Sundarban-Ruposhi Bangladesh:

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Have you not yet gone for the Sundarban? Do you know about 100,000 tourists come to visit the Sundarbans each year? If you are a traveler and hungry to uncover the mystery, pack your bag and run towards the largest mangrove forest in the world.

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Sundarban is about 10,000 kilometers and situated in the coastal area between Bangladesh and India. The areas positioned in the delta of three great rivers, Meghna, Brahmaputra and the Ganges. About 6000 Kilometer is inside Bangladesh, and the rest is in West Bengal India.

In Bangladesh, the Sundarbans spreads in three districts, which are Khulna, Bagerhat, and Satkhira. The largest mangrove Sundarbans has three Wildlife Sanctuaries. They are East, West, and South Sundarbans Wildlife haven. These sanctuaries play a significant role to maintain the biodiversity of the forest.

Sundarban At a Glance

For the world, the Sundarbans is full of natural and puzzling beauty. Nature embraces its children in the best care. In this largest mangrove forest, there are about 50 types of Mammals, 320 species of inhabitant and exotic birds visible. Moreover, there are 50 types of reptiles, eight amphibians and 400 fish species available. The highest numbers of Royal Bengal Tigers are also accessible in this part.

One-third of the area contains moorland. There is no fixed road for traveling inside the forest. Therefore, the rivers and canals are the only way for the Sundarban tourism. In 1999, UNESCO declared almost 32,400 Hector area as World Heritage. The earlier name of the Sundarbans is Badaban. Later it is changed in the Sundarbans.

At the entrance of the forest, you may find some small villages on the bank of the river. All the families depend on the Sundarbans for their day-to-day living. The primary professions among them are fishing, collecting wood or honey.

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Anywhere in Sundarban, the most common plant is Goal Pata. Like its name, it is not in round shape. Its fruit is delicious, and treacle is very healthy. One of the most common sources of money for the people of this area is collecting Goal Pata. This leave has multiple uses as coastal house roof and boat roof.


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An important plant of Sundarban is Hetal. This spiky plant has a great impact on the asylum of Sundarban. It arranges the area for the Bengal Tigers to hide safely. Keora is also a great tree, which can survive well in water. Its leaves and fruits are the best food for deer. Also, you can find Gewa in almost everywhere in this forest. It releases very toxic tannin.

Do you know why Badaban becomes Sundarban?

It is the Sundori. Earlier there were huge numbers of Sundori tree in the forest. However, the number has drastically reduced by top dying plant disease. The main reason of this disease is the increase in the salinity of the water. Due to strong timber, Sundori is the main attraction of furniture of this locality.

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In the beginning, the forest started with plants like Sun Grass. After that, a series of plants came gradually, which include Keora, Possur, Bain, Gewa, etc. These are known as the pioneer plant of this mangrove forest. Finally, Sundori and Goran came as climax plant. This process name is succession. For survival in the climate change, the trees adapted a lot. The air root comes out from the ground are one of the best examples of adaptation.

As the plants of this forest, the animal species are also plentiful. The ecosystem contains tiny insects to the wild Royal Bengal Tiger. Animal life of this area depends on the time of high and low tide. While water goes down during low tide, varieties of species come out from the muddy soil. Mud creeper, Fiddlers curb, snail, jellyfish and other fish species has a vital role in the ecosystem.

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Different color and species of birds are seen in this forest. Tia, Ghughu, Shalik and Moyna contain the major part of birds, which make their nest at the top of the tree. They live on insects, fruits, and seeds. Nevertheless, the majority of birds are of those species who love to eat fish. The notables are Kingfisher, Falcon, Kites, Pelican, and Heron, etc.

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Not only the Sundarban full of natural beauty but also keep some scary part in it. It is very common to see crocodile basking in Sun while traveling on boat inside the mangrove forest.

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The Royal Bengal Tiger is the scariest animal of the Sundarbans. People who collect honey from Sundarban are the first Victim of the Bengal Tigers. Due to the Royal Color combination and style of living, they are named as Royal Bengal Tiger. Unfortunately, 400 tigers are left in this Jungle. You can also find aggressive Wild boars in this forest. Deer and monkey are in huge amount.

The interesting thing is the relation between monkey and deer. The monkeys break the branches of Keora for feeding the deer. For repaying, the deer provides a jungle tour to the monkey on their back.

Sundarban Tourism: Best Tourist Spots in Sundarbans

Sundarban has the beauty to attract tourist in all the seasons of the year. The October to March is the best season for touring the Sundarban. Visiting in Sundarban can be dangerous for tourist or the ecosystem. Therefore, there is few targeted spot where people can go and enjoy the natural beauty with doing any harm. In Bangladesh, there is some tourist spot in the Sundarban, but you have to go there by water vehicles like launch, trawler or boat. Most importantly, you have to take permission from the forest office.

Among the tourist spots, the most attracting places are as following –

  • Karamjal: Sundarban National Park
  • Katka
  • Hiron Point (Nilkamal)
  • Dublar Char (Island)
  • Tin Kona Island
  • Mandarbari Beach


Karamjal: Sundarban National Park

One of the most desired places to the tourist is Karamjal. You can get a precious view of Bangladeshi wildlife at a glance. Karamjal is a royal entry to the Sundarban. The ranger station is deep in the forest and a visitor spot for its deer-breeding center. Recently, the government has started the country’s first saltwater crocodile-breeding center, which is another attraction of Karamjal.

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For entering the forest, you have to take permission from the Forest Officer and have to take mandatory Cholera vaccine dose before leaving. Professional guides always recommend carrying some first aid medications and sufficient drinking water while exploring Karamjal. The national park contains a large number of species, which are already in a vulnerable state of existence. You can see deer, monkey, boar, crocodile and bird in this tourist spot. If you are the luckiest person, you may see the Royal Bengal Tiger. Karamjal is in Bagerhat District.



If you want to see the beauty of Sundarban along with the Bay of Bengal, Katka is the best place in the Sundarban. Katka is famous for the travel route of tiger through the beach and coastal area in the early morning.

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Trekking lover can make a forest travel through the grassy meadows from Katka to Kachikhali. In this way, you may see lots of deer, monkey, and birds. It is one of the best places for wildlife photography. It is in the Bagerhat district of Khulna Division.

Hiron Point (Nilkamal)

If you have the desire to see the tiger in the forest Sundarban, Hiron Point is the most likely area to find them. You can easily see lots of deer, monkey, salt-water crocodile and birds in this place.

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Hiron is one of the best sunset points of Bangladesh. It is also famous for tiger watchtower. It is under the Burigoalini Forest Range, Satkhira.

Dublar Char (Island)

Dublar Char is a beautiful Island and famous for its natural view. It is renowned for fishing and fish fauna. Its beauty can be comparable with any other island in the world. Usually, it is not a tiger viewing point.

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You can find many spotted deer in a casual walk. However, if you are lucky, you may see the Bengal tiger is fishing in the River Passur. It is in the southern part of Khulna district.

Tin Kona Island

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Mandarbari Beach

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This is another beautiful sunrise and sunset point of Sundarban and Bay of Bengal. People less frequently visit this beach due to a long journey on the boat. However, in recent day, the number of tourist increases drastically due to frequent seeing of Royal Bengal Tiger and Pangolins. Mandarbari Beach is in the Burigoalini Forest Range, Shamnagar, Satkhira.

Special Culture in Sundarban

Like many mysteries of Sundarban like Gazi Kalu, Champabati, Bonbibi, etc. there are specials cultures in Sundarban. Among them, the most famous are Rash Mela (Fair) and Bonbibi’s Puja (Worship). People of the Sundarban believe these customs are helping them to survive in the danger of forest.

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Rash Mela

It is a popular culture of Bangladeshi Hindu races. They gather in the Dublar Char of Sundarban to take a holy bath. Also, they pray for granting marshy from Bonbibi. The people of Sundarban come out in the full moon of 13-15 November of each year. It has been continuing science 19 century.

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Worship of Bonbibi

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It is the worship for the protector of Sundarban Bonbibi, according to the people living in and near the Sundarban. In the 1st date of Bengali month Magh or 25th January, people give their worship to Bonbibi. They believe, therefore Bonbibi will protect them from the upcoming danger of the year from the forest.

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How can you Visit Sundarbans from Dhaka?

There is multiple travel and tourism company offer Sundarban tour package from Dhaka. If you want, you can arrange it by yourself. It is always better to go in a group. A minimum of four members in a group is perfect for Sundarban tour. You can travel most of the spots in the largest mangrove forest in 3-4 days. Depending on destination, and time you can select a variety of options.

From Nilkamal, Shyamnagar, Satkhira

First, you have to decide where to start. If you want to go from Satkhira, the best option could be the bus. You can have multiple bus company, who offer their service to Satkhira. Buses are available from both Gabtoli and Sayedabad bus terminal Dhaka. Satkhira AK Travels, SP Golden Line, Satkhira Express, Sundarban Express, MR Paribahan, Kingfisher, etc. have offered their bus service to Shyamnagar, Satkhira. The price ranges from 400 – 1200 BDT. The buses will drop you very near to Nilkamal.

From there you will get an Easy bike, motor Rickshaw, and another local vehicle within 20-30 BDT to reach the Karamjal Forest office. You have to take permission to enter into the largest mangrove forest for 20 BDT charge per person. If you want to go deeper inside through walk or boat, you need to hire an armed forest guard in 500 BDT.

After getting permission from the forest office, you have to hire a water vehicle. If you want to hire a lunch, it will cost about 4500 BDT for each day. If you think to hire a trawler, it will be just 600 BDT for 8-12 hours. You can also share the fair with other tourists.

From Karamjal, your destination will be the Hiron Point and Mandarbari Beach.

For resting, you may get rest house or hotel in Shyamnagar. However, you have rooms in the launch as well.

You may have an air ride through the private jet in Jessore. From there you have to go Shyamnagar, and the other procedures are similar.


From Karamjal, Bagerhat

Here you can take two types of transport from Dhaka. You may have the pleasure to ride on a paddleboat Rocket or Ostrich. It will be available from Sadarghat launch terminal. You have to go Sadarghat physically to purchase the ticket, as no online option is available. It will take 400-1200 BDT to go up to Mongla Port, Bagerhat. You can also go to Mongla by bus from Gabtoli and Sayedabad bus terminal Dhaka. Many bus companies have their services to Mongla.


Greenline Paribahan, S Alam Paribahan, Sohag Paribahan, Saudia, Hanif, etc. have offered their bus service to Mongla. The price ranges from 500 – 2000 BDT. The buses will drop you very near to Mongla Port.


Before entering the forest, you need to take permission from Divisional Forest Office, Khulna. It is near the Mongla Port. Fees and conditions are same as Nilkamal. If you want to go deeper inside through walk or boat, you need to hire an armed forest guard in 500 BDT.


If you want to hire a launch for 3-4 days from the Government Tourism, you need about 30,000 BDT for a 4-day package. However, you can hire a trawler in 1500 BDT for the whole day and in 5000 BDT, you may hire a launch. In a four-day trip, you can visit almost all the spots of Sundarban.


Things to Carry in Sundarbans Tour

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Special Instruction for Sundarban Tour

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Final Verdict

Sundarban Tourism is the best place to explore the largest mangrove forest in the world. You may feel like the haven in a touch of nature. You might be the luckiest person if you become able to capture a Royal Bengal Tiger in your shoot.

Without making delay, grab the chance to discover this UNESCO heritage site.


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