Sylhet, the historical holy city is located at the northeastern part of Bangladesh. The daughter of nature has decorated the whole Sylhet division with amazing tree gardens, hills, rivers, waterfalls and so on. Sylhet division is known as Greater Sylhet or Sylhet region whereas its main city Sylhet is popularly known as Jalalabad. This picturesque and archaeological Islamic Sufi region is bordered by the three states Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura of India to the east, north and south respectively. Chittagong division is on the southeast side and Dhaka is to the west. Sylhet Division is subdivided into Habiganj, Moulvibazar, Sunamganj and Sylhet districts.

Sylhet is the land of 360 saints including Hazrat Shah Jalal and Hazrat Shah Paran. It is  the birth place of great Hason RajaShah Abdul KarimGeneral M A G OsmaniSyed Mujtaba AliGovinda Chandra DevSir Fazle Hasan Abed,Salman ShahRuna LailaSanjeeb Chowdhury  and so on. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the tourist place of Sylhet skipping the historical parts and these notable persons.

There are many more tourist spots in Sylhet. What will I discuss first? The panoramic beauty of Jaflong or, the wonderful platform of tea gardens in the hilly areas of Sreemongol , or the beauties beauty amazing Ratargul Swamp Forest.

Panthumai village, Green water river and tea garden of LalakhalJadukata river, Heavenly sights of Lovachora, High mountains and sinuous rivers of Bisnakandi, Birds paradise Tangoar Haor, Beautiful  Lauachora National GardenRema-Kalenga Reserve ForestKhadimnagar Rain ForestSathchori National Forest, Sandy and crystal water areas of Dolura, Wonderful Hum Hum waterfall, Mazar Sharif of Hazrat Shah Jalal and Shah Paran and many more places are the main attraction to the visitors.

All the places are beauty of art and treat as a tourist paradise. Heaven comes to the reality and you can touch and capture the feeling of love, play with clouds if once visited any of the places. The romantic feelings will never be ended and bound you to come these places again and again. Let’s have a look over these spots.


Jaflong is hill station and located at Guainghat Upazila of Sylhet District. It is originated from Dauki river that enters into Bangladesh under the name of Piyain river,flowing from the Khasi mountains . Jaflong is overshadowed by subtropical mountains and rain forests. It is famous for stone collections and home of Khasia  tribe. Though Rainy season is the perfect time for discovering the real beauty of Jaflong, but most of the people visit here in Winter. In recent time, unrestricted mining and crushing of stones has little bit decreased its beauty. But still now,  it’s a must see visited place for the travelers.


jaflong sylhet ruposhi bangladesh

Khasia tribe lives just across the western side of Piyain river. Sengrampunji and Nakshipunji are the two villages of Khasia tribe, which also attract the visitors. Just beside Nakshipunji village, Jaflong Tea garden is located which is another attractions.

Boat riding in the Piyain river is so enjoyable to the visitors to reach at zero point. From there, visitors can see the beautiful Hanging bridge over Dauki river. The lovely splendor of white clouds and gushing waterfalls flowing from the green mountains fascinates locals and tourists alike. At late afternoon, it’s beauty touch the highest feeling of love. At that moments, it seems to be that we are born to visit here.

You are cordially welcome to visit here to explore the marvelous scenery of Jaflong with your friends and family.

How to go there?

Jaflong is 62 kilometers from Sylhet city. Visitors can hire a micro-bus for 8-10 people that will cost taka 4000-5000.Also local bus service is available to go. That will take one and half an hour and the cost is approximately 50-80 taka per person.

Boat trip from Jaflong to zero point is about 500-800 taka per boat. A trip to Khasiapunji is possible by local transport called moyuri and that will cost 800-1000 taka per car. Individual visitors can go there.It will cost 100-150 taka.

Where to stay?

A guest house run by BGB is at Tamabil point that is located 7 kilometers away from Jaflong. Jaintia Hill Resort is at Sreepur near to the Tamabil. In Lalakhal, there is a world class resort named Nazimgrah Wilderness Resorts. Actually,Jaflong is a one day tour that’s why most of the visitors stay in the hotels or resorts in Sylhet town.

Where to eat?

On the east side of Piyain river,there is some local restaurants. In khasia village there is also a restaurants named Cafe Sengrampunji on the west side of the river.Though it’s cost is higher than local restaurants but  its better to the purpose of quality services.

Things you need to carry?

Since it’s a one day tour,so you not to carry much things.Just carry a simple travelling bag putting  your necessary things.

Safety concern:

Taking necessary medicine according to your need is must preferable. Please don’t cross the zero point. It’s better to take permission from BGB to go to zero point area.



Like Jaflong, Bisnakandi is another tremendous place for visitors.Basically, Bisnakandi is a village of Rustompur Union under Guainghat Upazila. Khasi mountain meets at a single point in the village from the both sides,following from a high fall. Dark clouds hugging the mountain in the rainy season and the presence of natural beauty make this place attractive to the visitors.Everything could be found in one frame like high mountains, sinuous rivers, graceful falls and dancing clouds.

bisanakandi sylhet ruposhi bangladesh

How to go there?

Bisnakadi is 40 kilometers from Sylhet city. There are two ways to go to Bisnakandi.

One way is to Sylhet-Guainghat road via the airport.From Guainghat,take a left turn to reach Hadarpar. Local boat is available in Hadarpar to go to Bisnakandi. Visitors can hire a CNG from Amborkhana point of Sylhet city to reach Bisnakandi. Cost may be vary but a CNG cost will be approximately 800-1000 taka.

Another way ,Hiring a CNG from Amborkhana to Panthumai. Then hiring a boat near Borhill Fall,visitors can easily go to Bisnakandi by viewing the sight view of sinuous river with lush green mountain.This is also an unforgettable scenery.

Where to stay?

No accommodation facilities  is available in Bisnakandi. So you have to stay in Sylhet town.

Where to eat?

Also the same problem like accommodation. No food facilities is available here. So, you have to depend on packed food from Sylhet town.

Things you need to carry?

Since it’s a one day tour, so you not to carry much things. Just carry a simple travelling bag putting  your necessary things.

Safety concern:

You have to careful since Bisnakandi zero point is Bangladesh-India Border side. Also in the summer season, It’s dusty and hot. In the Rainy monsoon, some of its area is affected by flood.So you have to know the weather information before go there.Of course, take some necessary medicine for extra care.

Final Verdict:

Meanwhile, Jaflong and  Bisnakandi is the perfect places for visitors. If you have enough time, then visit here. Definitely,it will give you much more pleasure rather than your expectation.

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