Sylhet is the place of hidden beauty of nature. Backdoor of Sylhet is covered with lots of amazing hills, wonderful resorts, tremendous rivers, explainable waterfalls, greenish tea gardens and so on. Firstly, we have covered the panoramic beauty of Jaflong and Bisnakandi. Hence, We are here to discuss about the others parts of Sylhet. So, Welcome to our second part of Sylhet division tourist spots. Please, Read and explore the beauty!


Lalakhal is one of the hot listed places to the visitors, located at Jaintapur Upazila of Sylhet. Actually, Lalakhal area is covered with natural forestshillstea gardens, and many more rivers. Myntu, an Indian river enters into Lalakhal named as Saree, passing through Guain River at Sarighat. Water color of Saree is transparent green, specially in the winter season. Moreover, Lalakhal tea garden is at the eastern bank of Saree River. Also, the range of mountain, greenish river water of Saree and wonderful tea gardens are in one platform to surprise you. To catch up these beauties, you have to visit Lalakhal.

lalakhal sylhet ruposhi bangladesh

Best time to visit Lalakhal is monsoon (April-November) and winter (December-February) seasons.

How to go there?

Lalakhal is 44 kilometers distance from Sylhet City. Visitors usually travel to Sarighat.  It’s about 42 kilometers away from Sylhet city by road. Remaining two kilometers from Sarighat to Lalakhal is the boat journey path. Nazimgarh Resort operates a boat station in Sarighat. By hiring a boat to reach Lalakhal, Tourists can see the crystal green water with lush greenish hills on both sides of the river.

Visitors can go to Lalakhal by hiring a Micro Bus or Private car. Also,there is a wonderful restaurant named River Queen Restaurant.

Micro-bus cost would be 3500 to 5500 taka . Besides,Mechanized boat cost would be taka 1200 to 1500.

Where to stay?

Nazimgarh Resorts:  It operates ‘Adventure Tent Camp’ in Lalakhal available basically in winter.
Also, it has a world class nature Resort Wilderness in Lalakhal.

Where to eat?

River Queen Restaurant: It’s located at the bank of river Saree and operated by Nazimgarh Resorts. However, Launch cost of this restaurant is about 400 to 500 taka.

Safety concern:

Particularly, Take necessary things that you can carry easily. Indeed, Winter and monsoon season is the perfect time to visit here.



Panthumai is a village of Jaflong Union Under Guyainghat Upazila. It’s very near at east Khasia hill of Meghalaya range. Borhill, an eye catching waterfall is located here though it’s an area of Indian Territory.

panthumai sylhet ruposhi bangladesh

The best time to visit here is April to mid-October.

In this time, you can touch and catch the cloud, laugh with clouds. You will fall in love to see the blue water and greenish natural views. This evergreen scenery will be added to your lifetime memory.  

How to go there?

Panthumai is 70km distance from Sylhet city. Best way to reach Panthumai is Amborkhana to Hadarpar Bazar. There is a CNG station in Amborkhana near at Airport road of Sylhet city. After reaching at Hadarpar Bazaar, you need to hire a boat. Though Hadarpar is a small Bazaar but you can buy food, water and other things from there. CNG cost will be taka 1000-1200 only for 5 persons. Boat cost is not more than 1200-1500 taka. Visitors can visit Bisnakandi, Panthumai and Lovachora at a time.

If you have a plan to visit Lalakhal and Panthumai at a time, firstly you have to go Sarighat. Then Sarighat to Panthumai village. To reach Panthumai, you have to hire a micro-bus or CNG from Amborkhana point. Micro-bus cost will be 5000 to 7000 taka depending on its size. A breathtaking waterfall is all set to welcome you with its mysterious beauty.

Where to stay?

Since Panthumai is a village, there is no accommodation facility.

Where to eat?

Also there is no local restaurant but you may collect food from Hadarpar Bazar or its local bazaar.

Safety Concern:

Panthumai is a border side area, so you have to be careful. Collecting weather information is also advisable. In rainy monsoon, full area is affected by flood. So, you have to make sure of its condition before visiting here.



Lovachora is wonderful place for boat journey lovers. Its located at Kanaighat Upazila of Sylhet. It becomes a heavenly sight for the visitors. What do you want? Crystal clear water of Lova river, Lovachora tea estate, hanging bridge, natural lake, fountains. All are here to surprise you. You have to visit here to see these beauties.

lovachora ruposhi bangladesh

The best time to visit here is April – October.

How to go there?

Firstly, visitors have to go to Kanaighat to reach Lovachora. You may use Sylhet-Jaflong road. Taking a right turn from Dorbosth Bazar, you have to cross Jainta hills. Finally, you have to hire a boat from Kanaighat Sadar upazila to reach at Lovachora. It will take one and half an hour.

Where to stay?

In fact, no accommodation facilities in possible in Lovachora.

Where to eat?

Visitors have to collect food from Kanaighat Bazar.

Safety Concern:

It’s also a border side area. So, you have to be careful. You have to take permission from BGB if you want to cross the tea garden.

Finally, you will see the source of the Lova and beautiful hanging bridge.

Tanguar Haor:

Tanguar Haor is one of the excellent wetland of world beauty. This mysterious Haor is located at Sunamganj district and very close to the Meghalaya hill region. Many species of fishes and staging area of migratory birds make an ecosystem that is the main source of livelihood for more than 40 thousands people. In 1999, Bangladesh Government declared Tanguar Haor, an ecologically critical area for being over-exploitation of its natural resources. Also, its play an important role in fish production as mother fishery for the country. More than 140 species of fresh water fish and 200 types of migratory birds are here to welcome you.

tanguar haor sylhet ruposhi bangladesh

Though its a crucial place for biodiversity but local birds with migratory birds make this wetland an eye soothing abundance of fauna. Besides these, rare species of eagles, many local birds including vultures, seagulls are always busy to fly here to there. Four species of snakes, six species of mammals and turtles and seven species of lizards added more are special attraction for visitors.

Best time to visit here is Monsoon and Winter.

How to go there?

Tanguar Haor is 80 kilometers distance from Sylhet city.

In winter, visitors can hire motor bikes from Shaheb bari kheyaghat in Sunamganj. Within couple of hours, you have to go Taker ghat or Tahirpur. You have to hire a boat from both of these places to reach Tanguar Haor.

In rainy season, Visitors can hire a special mechanized boat named Bojra for overnight stay. This will cost about 10,000 BDT per day.

The best option is to hire a steamer like engine operated boat from Sunamganj to Tanguar Haor via Tahirpur and Taker ghat.


Where to stay?

In Taherpur bazaar, a low quality hotel is enough for stay here. Besides,a rest house owned by the district council is here but you have to take permission to stay overnight. Another rest house is at Taker ghat.

Where to eat?

Local foods are available both at Taherpur and Taker ghat Bazaar. Boat man can arrange local fresh fish at their boat also.

Safety Concern:

Life Jacket is mandatory for visiting during monsoon. Collecting phone number of local Thana is also advisible.

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