Sreemangal is a dream-landed area for visitors. What do you want? In my opinion, Every attributes of beauty is here to welcome you.We have covered so many places to our previous parts. Today, we are here to know you the beauty of world famous Sreemangal and its around.


Sreemangal, the tea capital of Bangladesh is located at Moulovibazar district. Its famous for greenery hills,endless tea garden, untouchable flora and so on. Sreemangal is one of the top source of quality tea production in the world. More than 3% of the total tea production are delivered from here. Also it is a prime Eco-tourism destination for the travelers.

sreemangal sylhet ruposhi bangladesh

Distinctive tribal cultures and their lifestyles, wonderful mosques and temples,ancient palace,mysterious waterfalls with endless greenish tea garden make this place as a paradise of the earth. Near about Sreemangal town,there are some natural lakes.Numerous colors of water lilies in the lake and pedestrian path make this as a must visit place.Besides these, Lawachara Rain Forest,Tea Gardens and Estates, Nilkantha tea cabin,Local Tribes, Madhabpur Lake and Madhabkunda Waterfall attracts the visitors to visit Sreemangal area again and again.

Lawachara Rain Forest:

Lawachara Rain Forest is one of the major national park located just 8 kilometers away from Sreemangal. It is sanctuary for rare species of animals and plants including hoolok gibbons,slow loris,capped languor,and wide variety of cats,apes and snakes.

rainforest sylhet ruposhi bangladesh

Also, this rain forest is a common destination for the birds watchers and hikers. Visitors can visit here after paying some cost to the forestry department.

Nilkantha Tea Cabin:

Have you drink seven layer tea? If your answer is No! Then, you have to visit Nilkantha Tea Cabin. Here,you can test the world famous seven layer tea with your friends and family.

nilkantha tea cabin sylhet ruposhi bangladesh

Its just about 5 kilometers away from BGB camp of Sreemangal. The test of every layer is different to each other.

Local Tribes:

Some indigenous peoples are also live near at Lawachara Rain Forest. Most of them are Christian Khashia but there are some Hindu Tipuri and Manipuri peoples. You can watch wonderful performance of Manipuri people.Generation by generation,it has passed on.Main income source of this ethnic peoples are handicrafts.

local tribes sylhet ruposhi bangladesh

Khasia people cultivate pineapple,orange,lemon,jackfruit,betel,nuts and other kinds of fruits.They maintain a matriarchal society and live as a joint family.If you are interested to see this beautiful ethnic community of Sylhet, please welcome!

Madhabpur lake:

Another attractive place of Sreemangal is Madhabpur lake. Visitors can find a natural lake beside Madhabpur tea state. Purple lotus and water lilies in the calm waters make this lake as a charming place to the visitors.

madhabpur lake ruposhi bangladesh

In fact, Its an ideal place for photographers.Also a bird watcher can not control himself/herself if visited here! Its amazing for sunset viewing.

Madhabkunda Waterfall:

Another remarkable tourist place is Madhabkunda waterfall which is popular for its sacramental beauty.Its 60 kilometers away from Sreemangal town. Meanwhile, Madhabkunda waterfall is one of the highest and largest waterfall of country.

madhabkunda sylhet ruposhi bangladesh

So, It is a perfect picnic place for the visitors where you can spend a couple of hours within a dream. However, passing miles after miles of tea garden and picturesque sloping hills and zigzag road will added your journey as a lifetime experience.

How to go there?

Actually, Sreemongol is easily accessible from Dhaka by Bus or Train. So,visitors can visits here as their choice.

Where to stay?

There are many more cottages and rest houses in Sreemangal. But Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf is best for luxurious living. Another Luxurious Resort name is Dusai ,just about 15 km distance from Sreemangal town. So, please not to be heisted about accommodation.

Where to eat?

Similarly accommodation, food facilities is available in Sreemangal town. Many world class restaurants are available here. No doubt, Kutumbari restaurant is top of them.

Safety Concern:

In my opinion, Visitors have to clear concept near about all the places of Sreemangal. Also, finding the best time for visit is also advisable.

Above all, Sreemangal is final destination for travel loving people for several reasons. You can cover lots of gorgeous places within a short time with your friends and family. So hurry up to visit Sreemangal and its around. All the best and have a nice journey.Good bye!

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