Visit Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty. Green natural beauty of the country is beggars description. It is a land of variety of seasons. There are 6 seasons, summer, Monsoon, autumn, Late Autumn, winter and spring. Each season comprising near about two months. All the six season brings the variety of natural beauty.

Bangladesh has been endowed with the magnificent coral island Saint Martin in her south. This only coral island of the country attracts lots of tourists. The longest unbroken attractive sea beach in the world is in Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh. There are the beautiful tea-gardens and tropical rain forest in Sylhet division. Most attractive Swamp Forest named Ratargul is also in Sylhet division the country. Chittagong Hill Tracts contain a different type of beauty. Magnificent waterfalls on the hilly canvas, Rivers, wild Animals, Mountains are there. In Bandarban, resorts like Nilgiri, Nilachal, Sajek have become heavenly places for tourists. The mountains,play with clouds throughout the year in Bandarban.

The most famous archaeological sites of the country named Mahasthangarh situated In district Bogra. In winter, millions of migratory birds from Europe fly in Bangladesh and add to the country’s beauty and tourists’ attractions. At the southern part the largest mangrove forest Sundarban is located which is the world heritage. It is really true that, Bangladesh is a very small country, yet she got some beautiful and unique endowments of nature. And that makes her worthy enough to attract the beauty-seeking eyes of the tourists coming from all over the world.